Always our number one question from clients and anglers!  “Hey Jerry, where are the Lake Texoma Fishing Hot Spots?”  Some Lake Texoma Fishing Guides get upset with this question.  We do not and are happy to share some Texoma Striper fishing spots.  I hate to break the news to you weekend warriors, but there are not too many “secret spots” on Lake Texoma!



Where are the Lake Texoma Fishing Hot Spots?

Lake Texoma Fishing Hot Spots move every day! Texoma Striper will follow schools of shad year-round from the Dam to the Washita and Red River arms covering many miles. We don’t mind giving spots, but we won’t give up the secret sauce, “when”! Since we fish out of Alberta Creek, we cover most areas near that Marina. Platter Flats is South East of Washita Point near the town of Platter, OK. A great spot with lots of creek channels and humps for Striper to push shad into and feed. During the summer months, Striper will push shad to the surface near Alberta Creek just south of the Marina. Concentrating on shorelines in September is a good idea! You can find multiple guide boats drifting live-bait near Washita Point west to Soldier Creek Marina. Our seagulls return in October and can make Striper Fishing Lake Texoma easy. Follow those birds!


Table Top and Burns Run

I’m very confident that most anglers know about Table Top, a large flat hump that comes out of a deep channel. This spot is effortless to find all summer with boats covering it up from sunup to sundown. Striper will seek colder water as the summer temperatures climb. Concentrating your efforts closer to the Dam will increase your catch ratio. If you decide to join the boat show at Table Top, be prepared for Lake Texoma combat Striper fishing. Burns Run East and West will hold Striper year-round. We will fish very shallow in the summer then move out to 20-30 feet as the sun rises. You can find Striper from the point of Burns Run East all along the bank moving north to the point of Colbert Boat Club. Please note most of our fishing is with live-bait, so we will drift and or anchor up on these spots.

Lake Texoma Fishing Hot Spots-Striper Guide Jerry Smith

Welcome to The Islands

We love to drift live-bait near the Islands of Lake Texoma located North of High Port Marina in Pottsboro, Texas. Please use caution when boating near the Islands; Sand Bass Pass gets very shallow. Seagulls will point the way at the Islands of Lake Texoma in the fall and winter. Most anglers look at the Islands for fish but don’t forget to check out the Oklahoma side. We have great success year-round drifting live-bait Northwest of the Islands. Make sure you search from the North Island to Cardinal Cove point. Covering water is the key to finding active Striper on Lake Texoma. If you are near Cardinal Cove, continue Northwest to Buncombe Creek! Striper will run to the very end of Buncombe Cove then hang out on the points. Striper travel great distances following shad. Northwest of Mill Creek Marina are some very shallow humps with markers.


Lake Texoma Top Bank Fishing Spots

We understand not every angler has a boat to Striper Fish Lake Texoma. This section is for all the shoreline warriors at Lake Texoma!
Eisenhower State Park
50 Park Rd 20
Denison TX 75020

Eisenhower State Park has a fishing pier and some of the best shoreline access for Striper, White Bass, Crappie, Smallmouth Bass, Catfish, Largemouth Bass, and Bluegill. Fishing on the pier at night under the lights is fantastic.
Burns Run West Campground
825 W Burns Run
Cartwright OK 74731

Burns Run West and East offer miles of shoreline access to bank anglers and some of the best Topwater Striper fishing in September. This campground gets crowded, so arrive early and stay late.
Highport Marina
120 Texoma Harbor Dr.
Pottsboro TX 75076

Follow Highport Rd. to D Dock and fish the shoreline Northeast until you come to the point.

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About Texoma Striper Guide Jerry Smith

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