Many anglers ask me, “What is the best Lake Texoma Striper Fishing season?” Our answer is always the same.  The best Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Season is any day you can break away and visit.  Lake Texoma is the Striper Capital of the World and fishes great year-round.   


Lake Texoma Winter Striper Season

The Lake Texoma Winter Fishing Season will run from November to February. Lake Texoma Striper slow down in the winter, but the fishing is fantastic with artificial lures. Break out the warm weather gear and get ready to Deadstick for Lake Texoma Striper. Our seagulls are on the lake and leading the way to hungry Striper. The winter season is great because our trips will not start until the water warms up. 11 AM CST start is not uncommon for Winter Striper on Lake Texoma. Don’t let Deadsticking flukes scare you away; it’s straightforward! We will drop a soft plastic fluke or jerk shad on a large jig head down to the fish and wait for a tap! The winter Striper bite is light, but the fish are big and healthy when you hook up. We catch our biggest Striped Bass on Lake Texoma each winter.

Spring Striper Season Lake Texoma

The Spring Striper Fishing Season on Lake Texoma will run from March to May. The lake will break out of the cold, windy winter, and shad will start to look for warmer water. The March sun will begin to heat the rocky shorelines, and shad will move into the warmer shallow water. Find the shad on Lake Texoma, and Striped Bass will be right behind them! We will drift live-bait very shallow in the early Spring and target the rocky warmer water. As we move into April, the Striper will follow shad into deeper water and structure. The spawn starts in April, and we will target the river arms and catch pre-spawn fish. Please note we release fish over eight pounds during the spawn so that Lake Texoma will remain outstanding. May brings the first topwater action of the year, and we always keep a few spinning rods ready.  Don’t forget to Like Us on Facebook.

The Best Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Season

Summer Striper Fishing Season Lake Texoma

Our busiest season on Lake Texoma is our summers. The summer Striper Fishing Season on Lake Texoma runs from June to August. If you want to Striper Fish on a summer weekend on Lake Texoma, please book 60 days in advance. Our summers will consist of drifting live-bait over structure and windblown points. We will also dive into Table Top, drop our anchor, and have multiple boats tied up, keeping Striper schools under the boat. Summer Striper Fishing on Lake Texoma is fast and furious. This great lake is a fantastic summer vacation destination for the entire family. Alberta Creek Marina has a great restaurant, cabins, convenient store, and the best fishing guides on Lake Texoma. Our summer calendar fills up fast for a reason, so book your Lake Texoma Summer Vacation today.

Fall Striper Fishing Season Lake Texoma

The Fall Striper Fishing Season on Lake Texoma runs from September to October, and it’s our favorite. Seagulls start showing up in October, and Striper begin to feed heavily for the long winter. We can fish live-bait or lures in October and enjoy success for big fish and numbers. Drifting live-bait through Seagulls working schooling Striper is very exciting. You can watch the depth finder and tell clients to get ready. Once we drift over Striper, all of our poles in rod holders will go down, fish on! The weather cools off, and the Striper Fishing gets red-hot. If you like to lure fish, October is the best month. Take a break from a long summer North Texas summer and book a Fall Striper trip with guide Jerry Smith.

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About Texoma Striper Guide Jerry Smith

A lifetime Striper Angler at Lake Texoma and a Professional Guide since 2003, Jerry Smith loves to show clients how to catch fish!  Jerry Smith’s Lake Texoma Striper Guide Service is driven by customer satisfaction and our repeat business.  If you like to catch big Striper year-round on Lake Texoma, call Jerry Smith.  One of the top-rated live-bait guides in Kingston OK and Alberta Creek Marina.  We are ready to show anglers the Striper Capital of the World; Lake Texoma!