We hear it often from the Lure Fishing Experts.  “Striper Fishing Lake Texoma with live-bait is easy!”  “Anyone with a boat can Striper Fish Lake Texoma with live-bait!  I always reply, “why do I book so many trips each year if it is so easy!”  We will breakdown Striper Fishing Lake Texoma with live-bait so most anglers can enjoy some success.

Tools For Striper Fishing Lake Texoma with live-bait

You can’t build a house without the proper tools, and you will need the appropriate equipment to have success Striper Fishing Lake Texoma. You will need at least two cast nets. Throwing your cast net over a tree stump and losing it without a spare will end your Lake Texoma live-bait Striper trip! This blog is not to promote any products, and please check your local regulations for legal net sizes. We like a 10-foot cast net with 1/4″ to 3/8″ mesh. 1.5oz weights for deep-water and 3/4oz for shallow-water gets the job done on Lake Texoma. Net sizes, weights, and mesh sizes are a personal preference. Dead Shad miss Lake Texoma Striper. Spend money on a quality bait tank. Once again, we are not promoting tanks today. Get a round tank that fits your needs. If you have a small boat, do not buy a 100-gallon tank!

Finding Shad on Lake Texoma

What is the fastest way to get 10 Lake Texoma Fishing Guides to walk away? Ask them where they are catching shad. Shad will move around Lake Texoma as do Striper. The best way to not find shad is to start at 10 AM. Most Lake Texoma Fishing Guides start throwing for bait at 3 AM CST! The Lure Experts order swimbaits and get 1000 pieces via USPS. That sounds pretty easy to me. Get up very early and look in the back of creeks, Marinas, and anywhere there are lights on the water. Shad spawn in April on Lake Texoma, and bait can be one cast and done deal. Look for windblown points and white cowbirds. Stained water will also hold more shad than clear. Look for little splashes or snaps on the water surface. Shad will pop on top early in the morning and evening.

Striper Fishing Lake Texoma with live-bait

Lake Texoma Live-Bait Rigs

You don’t need a fancy live-bait rig for Lake Texoma Striper. Most Lake Texoma Fishing Guides will run a Carolina Rig with an egg sinker. Run the egg sinker up your line, followed by a plastic bead. The bead will keep your egg sinker from wearing out the knot and makes noise. Tie your line with a clinch knot to a high-performance barrel swivel. Spend money on a quality swivel. In the long run, you will save time on line twists and funds. Tie a two to three-foot leader to the bottom of the barrel swivel with a clinch knot, then a quality circle hook. Very simple and effective. The tricky part is the egg sinker, and it is the most prominent mistake weekend warriors make on Lake Texoma. Keep your egg sinker weight light enough to get in the strike zone, but keep your bait looking natural.  


Drift or anchor

The number one Lake Texoma Fishing Guide tip is to find fish! We like to set up a few drifts to start our trips to cover water. Remember, the angler that covers water finds more active feeding Striper. Make sure you are marking Striper and set up your drift with the wind. If you are moving too fast, your bait will drift above the strike zone. A drift sock can be your best friend on windy days. If you decide to anchor up, make sure you get your boat upwind of the structure and let out enough anchor rope to make it hang on the bottom. Dragging an anchor and rope through a school of Striper on Lake Texoma will make them vanish. Ensure you have enough heavy rope and the proper anchor weight to hold your boat in the wind.

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